Disciple Training Ministry

DTM is designed to train adults, young adults, teens and children to learn the Word of God and be able to apply it to their lives. The Word says that each of us should be able to 'rightly divide' the word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15). DTM includes Bible Study for adults, youth & children, and children's church.

Ministry Lead: Minister Wanda Walker


GRCF is a church that 'Hits the Streets' to fulfill the Great Commission as directed by God to 'go' make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28: 19-20). 

Ministry Lead: Minister Wanda Walker

Family Care Ministry

GRCF is a church that has a caring family network for everyone. Each member and regular visitor is assigned to minister, who will care for you and your family and ensure you are not left out, or left behind.

Minister Lead: Elder Elvercy Haynes

Finance Ministry

GRCF is committed to making it possible to maintain your worship in giving by making available giving in the sanctuary and online. 

Ministry Leads: Lady D Chenault (General) & Minister Wanda Walker (On-line Giving)

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The GRCF Intercessory prayer team is available to take requests for and from you, your family and friends. We have a dedicated corporate prayer time. All prayer requests are kept confidential within the team and between the GRCF leaders.

Ministry Leads: Elder Elvercy Haynes & Sister Francine Williams

Media Ministry

The GRCF Media Ministry includes advertising, IT support, website maintenance, audio/visual support & photography services.

Ministry Lead: Sister Sonya Adams-Rhinehart

Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry meets monthly, and provides men the opportunity to grow from lessons taught and to be transparent during discussions with no fear of judgement from other men.

Ministry Lead: Minister Melvin Willis

Praise Ministry

The Praise team leads us in worship during services and special events. Praise and worship helps to set the atmosphere for the entire service. 

Ministry Leads: Lady D Chenault 

Service Ministry

The Service Ministry is the GRCF branch for Hospitality. This is accomplished by providing ushers and greeters during all services, ministry events, and catering meals when required.

Ministry Lead: Sister Francine Williams. 

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry meets monthly for topical teachings, fellowship and an annual themed Grown-Up Girls Gathering (G3) to build a spiritual sisterhood among the GRCF women and the women of neighboring churches that enhances the spiritual growth of all women for the Kingdom.

Ministry Lead: Lady D Chenault